J. L. Crosse

Who am I? I’m Batman

Jacob, 2020

Ok, So I admit it, I’m not Batman. I don’t want to surprise you, or shock you, but Batman isn’t actually real (or at least, that’s what he wants you to think). Why am I writing about Batman? you may find yourself asking… It’s because I feel really uncomfortable writing self indulgent posts about who I am.

My name is Jacob Luke Mackriell, but when I write I use the names J. L. Crosse, and Lucas Crosse. I do that because Mackriell is a ridiculous name to expect people to spell if I ever want to get any kind of search engine traffic, and J. L. Crosse sounds like a name you might read on the cover of a fantasy or Science Fiction Novel – where as Mackriell is perhaps more likely to sound like the name of an alien species in said Science Fiction Novel.

There’s not much to know about me other than the fact I have a passion for writing. I started writing back in 2012, while studying History at University. I mean, there are a few things I wrote before that, probably on a hard drive somewhere, or in an email abandoned to the Internet Gods. When I started writing I really wanted to emulate my writing heroes, like J. R. R. Tolkien, but the more I read the more I discovered new heroes, modern heroes of writing. I haven’t forgotten my routes, and my Tolkien-esque fantasy still lives on in my head, and in many-many folders full of scenes and chapters I have written over the years. However, it Is the science fiction stories that I have focused more on in the last few years. These are the stories that really excite me.

In 2020 I began a publishing experiment with my time travel story ‘Finding Time’. This was an attempt to explore podcasting as a distribution for my stories, but it was also the first time I let my stories out into the world. The feedback was quite good, even if the uptake was a bit slow, and it inspired me to continue my journey into podcasting, and writing.

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