Elsewhere – Episode 2

Welcome to the second elsewhere episode. These episodes are a bit different, as they are stand alone scenes or stories told about different characters from our main story. They are set in the same universe, so you’ll hear some familiar language, themes, and perhaps even characters.

The first draft of today’s chapter was actually originally written to be a flash back for Caleb, his origin story, before I decided to make him more involved in the Earth Reclemation project. In later drafts, the character moved further and further away from Caleb, and became more his own thing. Being a nervous and socially maladjusted young man, who’s putting up a front of confidence for his tour groups – This weeks character ended up being significantly different to the logical, curious, and sarcastic Caleb.

This week we meet a young tour guide who is working on earth during the 24th century. He’s leading a group around some of the remaining sights of the planet, after the event that wiped out most of the life, history, and information. This young man is a bit sick of his work, but he pushes on in an effort to keep his audience entertained…most of them, at least.

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